Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Medical coding in simple words is transferring medical data about a patient into alphanumeric code. The medical coders rely on their knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, disease, diagnostic tests and treatments to get a hang of the medical coding process. Medical coding is not a variable process but a standard method based on centralised and standardised medical coding text books regarded as bible of the medical coding world. This includes ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS.

Medical coding is an integral part of the healthcare industry on which is depended proper and productive outcomes on this industry type. Critical patient information recorded on prescriptions and other lab reports is analysed and transformed into codes by professional medical coders. This information is then processed:

  • By service providers to claim bills (medical billing process)
  • By patients to claim insurance refunds (medical underwriting process)
  • By medical coders to maintain patient records (medical documentation process).

The medical coding course has been launched keeping in mind the increasing need of properly trained and skilled medical coders in the industry. It has need estimated that there would be 12% increase in the medical coding jobs world over in the next decade. AMCI with the intention to tap this increasing demand for professional medical coders has structured the part time courses in medical coding to offer professional training about varied aspects of this booming industry to the aspirants.

The diploma courses are the comprehensive courses covering all aspects of medical coding and hence promises to ensure all-rounded grooming of the aspirants. The course will cover all aspects of medical coding.

Brief about medical terminology including anatomy, diseases, procedures, diagnostic tools, tests, treatments etc.:

  • Medical coding literature (HCPCS, ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT)
  • Billing processes and services
  • Medical coding software
  • Medical code auditing
  • Government regulations guiding medical coding industry

The course has been designed keeping in mind the needs of varied professionals who come across medical coding process or touch through the edge of medical coding in some or other way at some or other time in their professional careers. Thus the course has been designed to benefit a larger group of people rather than just those who want to be professional medical coders. Other categories of personal who can reap definite benefits from the course like existing coding professionals (executive course), billing staff, university management staff, physicians, nurses, educators, accountants, insurance payers, insurance consultants, legal advisors in healthcare companies or those involved in any sort of legal issues pertaining health or life insurance.

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